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James Koss
James Koss 5.0

An excellent company, responsive, fully staying within the original very fair and reasonable estimate in spite of the need to make several visits. Job accomplished, better than I hoped, by personal and helpful workers. Freely explaining and giving ...advice, I immediately trusted the crew. I was never disappointed. In spite of a part delay held to the original bid for several months, awaiting full completion of the job before even asking for a deposit. These are reliable professional people, extremely decent, honest, friendly and supportive. Such a relief to find them.They will do any next project I may need without hesitation. Thank you all from the office to the workers I am very pleased by our interaction.Read More...

JoAnn Cavalli
JoAnn Cavalli 5.0

My recently purchased Alameda home had flooding during the storms in January. It was clear that we needed a sump pump for the ground level area of our home to avoid the water coming inside the next big storm. I called Plumbing the Bay and was able to ...have someone come out to assess what I needed within the week. The dispatchers were very professional and communicative, letting me know who to expect and when. Ivan came to assess and then later to install my sump pump. He and one other technician showed up the morning of the install, on time and finished ahead of schedule. I am very pleased with the work and the professionalism of everyone I dealt with at Plumbing the Bay. I would highly recommend them!Read More...

Drew Carpenter
Drew Carpenter 1.0

I originally asked for a snake job and a pipe locating service and was quoted $250/hour for this. Upon arrival, the employee informed me that he did not have the required equipment for the pipe locating service. He informed me the dispatched said he ...didn't need it even though I clearly asked for it. Since he was on site, I had him snake the line so it would drain at least. I will admit, this was a heck of a clog, around 75FT from the access point, so it was not extremely quick. Upon finishing, I was told the total was $630 for 2.5 hours of work. Already, charging $250/hour for just a snake was excessive, but doing the math, 2.5 * 250 does not equal the total charge. I asked why the difference and they informed me that there was an ADDITIONAL "equipment fee" because they had to use their own equipment...apparently I was supposed to supply my own snaking equipment and pipe locating equipment (which they purposely did not bring to the site in the first place) to avoid this fee (I would have done it myself if I had the equipment). I do not recommend this company! The plumber on-site was very professional, but the office will squeeze every penny out of you and charge extra fees that are not communicated up front and, honestly, make no sense to even charge. Stay away!!Read More...

Jhaypee Macabante
Jhaypee Macabante 1.0

Working at Hotel just started working here. And found out they did a repair on a ceiling and used the same Old copper pipe to install between shutoff valve and a pro pressed fitting now the copper between the job they have done is leaking. They saying ...its not covered…. Don’t get your plumbing repair here. Doing shortcut and cheaply putting old copper pipes.Read More...

Mitchell Charlesworth
Mitchell Charlesworth 5.0

Great business! Holds quality to the highest standard.


The're very knowledgeable and professional. Very good to work with - fair pricing. highly recommended.

Nikita Tulchinsky
Nikita Tulchinsky 5.0

Excellent communication and prompt service - very happy !!

Daniel Blanaru
Daniel Blanaru 5.0

Great, responsive team! They not only showed up on time and did professional work to install replacement parts to my water heater and get it fixed during a weekend, they were also super honest, priced their services fairly (I compared with others!), and ...did not try to upsell me. I came to trust them and will use them for any plumbing need going forward.Read More...

Andrey Vinogradsky
Andrey Vinogradsky 5.0

The crew was very responsive, hard working and overall a very good value. Happy with their work.

Azzi Silkov
Azzi Silkov 5.0

The team at Plumbing The Bay are great! They were able to clear my kitchen line that other plumbers were not and repaired my mainline sewer that had collapsed. And they pulled permits with the city and passed inspection on the first attempt.

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