Preventative Maintenance Services 

Keep Your Plumbing System Operating Reliably By Calling A Plumbing Maintenance Specialist Today! 

Plumbing The Bay is your plumbing and sewer repair expert in the entire Bay Area and Sacramento. We find solutions to even the toughest problems. When a cable or snake fails to clear your sewer line or drains, we use state-of-the-art, high-pressure hydro-jetting equipment (up to 3200 PSI/shooting at 12 gallons/minute) to remove clogs, roots, debris, and foreign objects from your sewer and drain lines. The hydro-jetter will scour the walls of the pipes to remove even the most stubborn blockages without any damage.
Hydro-jetting is also the best choice for preventative maintenance. In most cases, hydro-jetting can virtually restore a sewer or drain line to its original condition. Plumbing The Bay will evaluate your needs and design a specific 90-day, semi-annual or annual Preventive Maintenance Program to keep your doors open for business, protect your valuable investment, ensure health department compliance and prevent loss of revenue as a result of expensive closures.

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